Welcome to Swiss Caucasian House! 

Here is the place and the home for South Caucasian culture and exchange, the place to promote the study of social sciences, humanities, politics and culture of the South Caucasus and its larger region through the written word and intercultural meetings.

This blog’s aim is to spread information about current social and cultural activities organized in South Caucasus or in relation with the region, as a way to promote research and youth projects aimed at its study. The authors share their views on geopolitical questions, as well as on cultural pieces of interest like new books and films.

The blog’s home is Switzerland, as are the University of Geneva alumnae that make it happen. The networking between Swiss students and the youth in South Caucasus is at the core of this enterprise.

Feel free to contact us to write articles, to comment, to make new friends and to participate in as many projects as you can.