Great opportunity to participate in a practical training series followed by a  mentoring  program  on providing legal services for victims/potential victims of gender-based violence.


Financial support of the Swedish organization Kvinna till Kvinna and Technical Assistance of the US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association (AAA) and under supervision of Shams Mustafayeva, launching a new project “NETWORK OF YOUNG LAWYERS TO PREVENT AND RESPOND TO GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE IN AZERBAIJAN”


The project aims to mobilize young lawyers’ participation in prevention of gender-based violence and enhance their knowledge and skills to provide legal assistance to the victims/potential victims of gender-based violence.


The aims will be achieved through:

a). Building the capacity of active young lawyers through legal trainings and mentoring program (at least 10 lawyers, from Baku city and regions of Azerbaijan)

b). Offering free legal consultations for the victims/potential victims of GBV by the program participants, c) Establishing and developing of young lawyers’ local support network to respond to the cases of GBV and to increase women’s and girls’ access to the legal system.


Intensive practical legal training will cover following topics:

  • Gender-based violence
  • The legal framework in the fight against gender-based violence
  • Factors taken into account in the legal assistance to victims and potential victims of the gender-based violence (confidentiality, human rights, respect to individual dignity, emergency situation and actions that needed to be taken without delay, etc.).
  • Preparation of claims, petitions/applications
  • The Court procedural rules and requirements
  • Litigation, allegation, public speech, presentation skills
  • Leadership skills and so on.


Eligibility requirements (who can apply):

  • 3rd or 4th year students or new graduates of Law and International Law programs
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the national legislation on domestic violence
  • Desire to work in the field of prevention of gender-based violence and protection of the rights of victims
  • Ability to work in teams


The young lawyers who want to participate in the series of training and mentoring program, and are willing to volunteer to render free legal services to the victims of gender-based violence, should send a CV (Azerbaijani or English) and an Application Form together with the subject of  “Qualification on GBV” to e-mail to

                               Deadline: December 05, 2016


In order to apply, register HERE.

The official web-page.