18-19 November 2016, Tbilisi – Georgia




This final ASCN conference invites our project partners to come together and to discuss – for the last time in the context of the ASCN programme – the results of their research projects and to present the future direction of their research.
Furthermore, the conference poses a two-fold question: what have we achieved

a) in developing social sciences in the region and
b) in addressing critical and relevant questions about society and politics in the region?



The conference aims to gather the ASCN project partners, scholars and researchers from various disciplines of the social sciences (political science, sociology, anthropology, etc.) dealing with the South Caucasus and the broader regional context.
More specifically, the conference will address the following points of interest:

  • It will provide opportunities for researchers to discuss their findings resulted from ASCN research projects;
  • It will provide a forum for discussions regarding political and social changes and transformations in the South Caucasus and the broader region;
  • It will also prepare a forum to think about ASCN achievements in this field and, more generally, about the challenges confronting social science researchers in the South Caucasus and the broader regional context.

DRAFT PROGRAMME – ASCN Final Conference BRINGING THE STRANDS TOGETHER: NEW PROSPECTS FOR THE SOCIAL SCIENCES? Multiple Challenges in the Southern Caucasus and the Broader Regional Context Tbilisi, Georgia, 18-19 November 2016 Venue: Courtyard Marriott, 4 Freedom Square, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia 18 November, Opening Event 13.30 Registration 14.00 Welcome Giga Zedania (Ilia State University) Philipp Egger (Gebert Ruef Foundation) 14.30 Keynote Speech Edward Lucas 16.30 Coffee Break 17.00 Round Table on the Political Situation and its Dynamics in Georgia and Armenia: Moderator: Roy Allison (University of Oxford) Participants: Timothy Blauvelt (Ilia State University) Alexander Iskandaryan (Caucasus Institute) Neil MacFarlane (University of Oxford) Nana Macharashvili (Tbilisi State University) 19.00 Fourchette 19 November, Conference 09.30 Panel Sessions – Section 1 11.00 Coffee Break 11.30 Panel Sessions – Section 2 13.00 Buffet Lunch 14.30 Panel Sessions – Section 3 16.00 Coffee Break 16.30 Round Table on Social Sciences: Moderator: Nicolas Hayoz (University of Fribourg) Participants: Silvia Serrano (Auvergne University) Koba Turmanidze (CRRC Georgia) Jonathan Wheatley (Oxford Brookes University) Giga Zedania (Ilia State University) 18.00 End of the Conference 19.00 Meeting in the lobby of Hotel Marriot – Gala conference dinner at Funicular Restaurant

More at http://www.ascn.ch/en/Events/Final-Conference-November-2016.html