Deadline:  1 July 2016
Open to: Social inclusion of young refugees and other migrants
Venue: 16– 24 July 2016, Ganja, Azerbaijan


“Treasures from a Backpack”, an international Youth Exchange project will take place in July 16-24, 2016 in Azerbaijan,Ganja (this year`s host of European Youth Capital). It will connect two groups of young people from Slovenia and Azerbaijan. Each groups will count 8 members, aged between 18 and 30. Mutual aim of both teams is to focus on underprivileged youth; to do a research about their social position and look for opportunities for their social inclusion. Special emphasis will target social inclusion of young refugees and other migrants. Azerbaijan is a great example of a country that successfully dealt with refugee crisis a few years ago. On the other hand, Slovenia is just starting to experience a similar crisis. At first glance, when comparing two small countries of Azerbaijan and Slovenia, you cannot bypass great cultural differences. On the other hand, a deeper and more critical social reflection will show a great deal of common issues in these two states.

The method that will help the youth obtain and present the material about the dead-end position of young people in both countries will be backpack journalism (accessibility of modern equipment enables everyone to become a journalist and critically acknowledge and share stories about our society that touch his heart). Modern society provides us with a lot of technology that will help the youth collect and share their experience, new knowledge and ideas. In 12 days of exchange enough material will be created to run blogs, photo-stories, write articles and make a short documentary. In this way and with help of various events in the dissemination phase (film and cultural events, internet challenge prize, humanitarian action) a broad circle of people in local, regional and European space will be reached.

Thus, goals of the project (strengthening of learning experience of youth in the field of work with IKT equipment, active citizenship, critical thinking, sensibilisation of public for the problems of underprivileged youth and migrants through reusable and always accessible products, development of Backpack Journalism methodology, intercultural networking) will be reached with the cooperation of the youth that are, in spite of the troublesome reality in their respective countries, capable of gathering enough treasures into their backpack to be a part of an answer to the European problem of integration of underprivileged youth (especially migrants) into society.
The goal of the project is also to share our experience and knowledge on multimedia with Azerbaijani youth. For this reason 8 Azerbaijani members aged 18 plus should form 1 group of participants. The aim is to provide theoretical lessons on filming and multimedia, and to provide the youth with practical skills, while using the equipment. The end result of the project should be a production of short films, documentaries and reportages.


In order to be considered eligible to apply, you must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • Age : 21- 29
  • Language: English – upper intermediate
  • Target : Social inclusion of young refugees and other migrants
  • Background of participant : Willing or study in film making, media & journalism



In order to apply, register HERE.

If you have any questions, write to: