CRRC/EPF Azerbaijan is holding a workshop on Research Methods in the Social Sciences aimed at postgraduate students who already have some grounding in the area. The workshop is part of our project Making the Case for Research in Social Sciences in Azerbaijan, which aims to boost the research capacities of social science students in Azerbaijan.

The workshop held over 3 days on 14-16 July, for a total of 30 students. The working language of the project will be English. The workshop will be conducted by Turkhan Sadigov.

Eligibility requirements:

In order to participate, you must fulfill the following requirements;

  • Be aged 18-30;
  • Either hold a Masters degree or be enrolled in Postgraduate course currently
  • Be highly motivated to learn about research and research methodology;
  • Have a good command of spoken and written English.

What you will learn:

Over the course of the 3 days, participants will learn how to boost your skills and carry out creative research in the following areas:

  • How to choose the appropriate research design and methodology;
  • Understand the different types of empirical research and reasoning (inductive, deductive and abductive);
  • Developing a good hypothesis and operationalizing your variables;
  • The concepts of validity (internal, external, construct), reliability and universality;
  • Quantitative research methods: sampling, smart use of questionnaires, how to ask questions, content analysis, secondary analysis, quantitative data analysis and overview of software options for analysis;
  • Critically reviewing research findings: how to act as an ‘educated consumer of data’;
  • How we can experimentation with different in research methods and use of mixed methods;

How to apply

Interested candidates should fill in the following online form to tell us about yourself and why you are interested in participating.

The application deadline is 7 July, 06.00 pm, but early candidates may be favoured. Selected candidates will be contacted by 10 July. For further questions, please contact